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Gentle dental care

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Safe Laser Dentistry in Richmond and the Surrounding Areas

Nowadays, dental treatments have become more precise and less painful. Since 1990, many dentists have incorporated dental lasers into everyday procedures – reducing bleeding, anxiety, and post-treatment recovery times. This is why Acqua Dental Centre is proud to offer laser dentistry to Richmond patients and surrounding areas.

From tooth preparation and tumour removal, to tooth whitening and biopsy, you can benefit from laser dentistry in the following ways, such as:

  • Reduced need for anesthesia
  • Reduced need for stitches and sutures
  • Reduced risk of bacterial infections after procedures
  • Faster healing and tissue regeneration
  • Preservation of more of the natural tooth
  • Reduced bleeding during and after treatment

BIOLASE® Waterlase®

To reduce the complexity and trauma associated with many common dental procedures, BIOLASE® technology designs innovative dental lasers. While most people fear the drill (aka the ‘handpiece’) due to its noise, vibration, and heat, the Waterlase® device utilizes hydrokinetic technology to remove hard and soft tissue with laser-powered water droplets. Completely safe, there is no heat, no vibrations and no noise associated with the Waterlase laser. In 1998, the FDA deemed the hydrokinetic laser safe for use on both adults and children.

Being an extremely versatile piece of dental equipment, it can either perform or expedite many procedures, including cavity preparation, removal of decay, and much more. In most cases, there is no need for anesthesia, and additionally, the laser actually sterilizes the surgical area, meaning that there is less risk of bacterial invasions or infections. For and fearful patients and children, the Waterlase® offers a needleless, painless way to achieve the perfect smile.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Here are some reasons why using Waterlase® is preferable to the traditional dental drill, including:

  • Reduced number of dental visits
  • Faster and stronger bonding of fillings
  • Minimal bleeding during and after procedures
  • Adjacent teeth remain unaffected 
  • Less of the healthy tooth is removed
  • Pinpoint accuracy generates better results
  • Reduced risk of post-surgical infection

Whether you are seeking cosmetic or preventative treatments, laser dentistry is very versatile. Call Acqua Dental Centre to find out more, or to schedule an appointment.

Gentle Solutions to All Your Dental Needs

Gentle Solutions to All Your Dental Needs

Creating beautiful smiles for all ages to last a lifetime


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#128-5811 No. 3 Road

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